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Zombie Maps
Nazi Zombie UGX Cabin 1.1
Author [UGX] W1NG3D
Description Description
Jam-packed with all the good stuff from version 1.0, but with additional bug fixes and brand new features, you'd be unwise to miss out on downloading 1.1!

Due to popular demand, a new 'Difficulty' option has been added for SP and Co-Op modes. This mode can be set on the main menu for SP, and in the Server Config screen for Co-Op lobbies. The difficulty is now displayed on the GAME OVER screen. Difficulties added are 'Easy', 'Original', and 'INSANE'.

Easy: Majority of zombies run at Der Riese speed (roughly half the speed of normal Cabin runners), weapons are swapped instead of lost in SP.

Original: Zombies run at full speed, weapons are lost when swapped in SP, less time given after 1st cutscene before zombies spawn.

INSANE: Same as original, but with a few additions: Weapons are not swappable in any mode, even less time is given after first cutscene, barriers are more expensive, less health in all modes, no points for hitmarkers, only kills.

Respawn bug with ranked players has been fixed. No longer will ranked players spawn with no weapon.
Respawn bug with spawning at level start instead of with alive players has been fixed.
Fixed a zone bug that caused wave skipping.
Fixed a bug where if not all players were present to start the Trader cutscene, vox would loop and the game would not progress.
Intermission has been added to the first cutscene to prevent being overwhelmed by zombies before you are able to leave the room.
"G_FindConfigstringIndex: overflow (381): '17493'" error has been resolved.

We have added more features to the GAME OVER for 'bragging rights'. We encourage you, whether you win or lose, to submit brag-worthy scores to http://ugx-mods.com/scores to be entered into the [UGX] Cabin High Scores list.

In order to be eligable for the 'High Scores' list, you must submit valid proof not only of your score, but that you were the person playing. Valid proof includes, but is not limited to, a screenshot of the GAME OVER screen, or a video of the game ending (which includes the GAME OVER screen).
We reserve the right to reject any scores that we do not view as valid, with an explanation as to why we made that conclusion.
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Filesize 109.04 MB
Date Thursday 05 January 2012 - 18:22:39
Downloads 773
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