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Zombie Maps
Nazi Zombie Lost House
Author Bigos102
Description THIS IS OUR FIRST MAP!!!

Here it is. The mysterious house with many... YES - Zombies. Can you survive or just you will be eaten by many of hungry zombies? Do you get powerfully weapon like raygun or you get a pistol from a mystery box? Everything depends on you.

This is our first map. The map is in first script. Our next map will be in four script. Sorry for my Bad English.

Known issues:
-Bugged shadows on some walls. (I did not get answer how to fix it)
-MENU_LEVEL_ZOMBIE_losthouse and MOD_LEVEL_ZOMBIE_losthouse inscriptions in lan menu(if someone know how to fix it please tell me).
-Sometimes the zombies are getting stuck in front of windows or on spawn. This problem is caused by too narrow placement of patchnodes.On the next map I will try to place patchnodes as ordered 128 units.

By Bigos102 and AdziOo
Image no image available
Filesize 42.56 MB
Date Tuesday 24 January 2012 - 17:52:15
Downloads 414
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