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Current Multiplayer Zombie Mods
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Wed Jan 14 2009, 10:07PM
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These are the current CoD5 zombie mods that we are aware of.

November Dobbys Zombie Mod by November Dobby

ZombieX created by Kill3R

Zombie Warfare created by Seven

These are all Cod5 multiplayer zombie mods which makes it different from the normal CoD5 co op zombie mode. Instead of zombie AI, players play as the zombies too. So basically its only players rather than AI. Also its like an infection so it starts off with one zombie, who must kill all the hunters... So when a zombie kills a hunter he turns into a zombie too. Gameplay will vary between the mods.

[ Edited Wed Jan 14 2009, 10:08PM ]
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Wed Jan 14 2009, 11:43PM
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Usually very fun, however lets hope treyarch fixes the under-the-map bugs... very hard to kill hunters when you're a zombie and they are under the ground.

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Fri Mar 27 2009, 08:30AM
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Don't forget:
Gambler's Ruin
Tower Defense
Modern Weapons
and Overrun
You can get them all at CustomCOD.com. I tried uploading here when I did the first one and it wasn't immediately intuitive how so I didn't bother. If you Google them, you'll find them other places as well.
Tower Defense and Gambler's Ruin have new releases due out when they're done.. which may be next week or 2 weeks later but should be before April 21st if I don't get sick again.
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Sat Aug 22 2009, 12:57AM
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cool ;0
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Wed Feb 12 2014, 03:32PM
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